A Quick Thinking Entrepreneurship & Communication Card Game


Engage everyone in the room to develop confidence in communicating on the fly & working together.

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Comprising 90 cards with adjectives, nouns, and unexpected pivot card questions, Pivot Pitch promises a fresh and engaging experience every session.

Bring Pivot Pitch to your classroom or boardroom, and watch as ideas flourish, creativity soars, and adaptability becomes second nature.

With thousands already embracing the fast-paced challenges, this game is not only a tool for growth but a source of fun and connection.

"Today, the 6th graders played for the first time and it was a hit! They wanted to play a second round immediately and have plans to play again next week. One girl even asked where she could buy it!"
Sarah Allin
St. Mary
Number of Students Served: 55
"I loved this! The cards are designed so cute and the idea is great. I used this as a community builder for the first 15 minutes of class. They loved it & we will be playing again soon!"
Grades - 9, 10, 11, 12
Rachel Saulsbery
Willowbrook Elementary School
Number of Students Served: 25
"Amazing product that is easy to use, fun to watch the students work through the process, and extremely beneficial to all. Glad I was shown this product."
Grades - 6, 7, 8
Greg Goth
Mater Dei Academy
Number of Students Served: 60
"The cards themselves are of a very high quality card stock, and the game has been an absolute blast to play with friends. It's boosted our creative muscles and gotten us way more confident in ideation and entrepreneurship!"
Alec Santiago PhD
Chad A
"This game is so fun & engaging for everyone in the room. It’s repeatable, and gets people out of their shell & working together."
Chad Adelman
"Very clever game and fun for everyone! Some of my friends in consulting loved playing and thought it was great practice for quick thinking. It also helped some quieter family members find their voice at the dinner table."
Paul Henken
"It was so much fun and I was excited to see he made a game pack version that anyone can facilitate! I plan to use this activity with students when teaching interviewing (elevator pitches specifically) to add some fun and break the ice into a nerve-wracking topic!"
Taylor Michele, MSEd, LPC, CPRW
Career Services

Building a Community of Risk Takers (the good kind)

How To Play

Form Teams
Divide participants into groups of 4-6 people
Generate Ideas
Hand out 1 Random Adjective Card & 1 Random Noun Card to each team, which will form the basis for their product pitches.
Prepare Pitches
Give teams 60 seconds to craft their pitch.
Present Pitches
Have each team present their ideas to the room. Ensure that every member of the team gets a chance to speak during the presentation.
Wild Card Questions
At the end of each pitch, pose a wildcard question to the team.

"How Else Can I Use This Game?"

Make It Easier: Increase the pitch preparation time to allow teams to further develop their ideas.

Make It Harder: During preparation, the facilitator swaps teams’ adjective and/or noun cards, requiring teams to revise their pitches accordingly.

Make It Extra Hard: Just before pitching, the facilitator swaps out teams’ adjective and noun cards for different ones, requiring teams to improvise with new adjectives and nouns in front of the group.

Play Alone: Record yourself to simulate pressure, draw cards, and pitch immediately to practice and hone skills independently.

Educational Applications and Outcomes

Pivot Pitch is designed to boost essential skills. It enhances clear communication, fosters teamwork, sparks creative thinking, and builds resilience in the face of challenges. Plus, it’s a fun way to gain confidence in presenting ideas to others. It’s not just a game; it’s a tool for growth.

About the Creator of Pivot Pitch

I’m Nathan Minns, the creator of Pivot Pitch. 

I’ve used this game in my workshops & early stage founder coaching sessions for years to engage everyone in the room, and to get them to become more comfortable with change & pivoting, taking risks, and presenting.

If you’d like to get in touch for any reason, reach out directly to me at Nathan@NathanMinns.com.

Develop Adaptable Communication

with Pivot Pitch